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Highwater Ell

Escape Your MInd

Escape-ish is the motto of an individual who has been working on a body of music that best represents their soul and ideologies. An artist looking to learn, collaborate and inspire through creating music. Check out and absorb to their most newest work and come with us on the journey!

Highwater Ell is a London born, musician, poet and creative. Ell’s production style is influenced by being a student of hip-hop and rap, taking elements from various sub-genres and finding a home in an alternative space. The key aspect of self-producing and writing a project allows for greater expression through music, with the view to pave a unique lane. Ell’s lyricism and writing style developed from an early love for poetry, putting an emphasis on the rhyming aspect within every piece. 

Ell’s first music project ‘Escape-ish’ is a concept that derives from escapism. Often we seek temporary distractions from life’s trials and tribulations knowing that eventually we will be confronted with reality. The theme centres around finding a balance in the present moment and holding an ideal space between fantasy and reality. Ell’s latest project ‘Time Has Wings’ is a project centred around looking at ones’ own mortality and is a body of work that shows continual growth from an emerging and evolving individual.

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